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Making the Most of 2016.

It’s always easier to get to your destination with a little direction. We sought out the experts in their fields for some guidance and inspiration to accomplish our most meaningful and sought after goals this year.


THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS GOAL: Create happiness & balance in everyday life EXPERT: Valorie Burton, Personal and Executive Coach and Founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute VALORIE’S ADVICE: Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Happiness!
Happiness is the only thing we pursue for its own sake. Everything else, we pursue because we think it will make us happier. Or at the very least, less sad. But research shows that we are actually poor predictors of what will make us happy. In fact, you might even be sabotaging your happiness. See if any of these sound familiar - common habits that are sabotaging your happiness: Comparing “up”
It’s hard not to compare “up.” Just turn on the television and you are bombarded with perfect people in shows and advertisements that send you this message: What you have is not enough. Who you are is not enough. What you do is not enough. When you constantly compare yourself to situations and people who seemingly have more than you, your happiness is bound to decline. Be balanced.
Lost Priorities “Don’t settle.”It is advice I’ve shared often. I believe that when it comes to your biggest dreams, when you stop hoping, you start settling. But that standard doesn’t apply to every area of your life. It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes, you need to settle. In fact, global research on happiness shows that the very happiest people have lower expectations about what they believe their lives should look like. It isn’t that they have low expectations. It isn’t that they are unambitious. It is that their expectations do not constantly outpace their reality, whether they are trying to get the housework done or land the big client. When continuing to strive for something more or better steals energy that would be better used for a higher priority, it’s time to settle. When it comes to what you want and need for the most meaningful parts of your life – a career, a spouse, what part of the country (or world!) you want to live in – set high standards and go for it. But perfectionism and endless ambition come at a price, and the reward is rarely as sweet as you had imagined. Be willing to relax a little when it comes to your expectations that don’t impact your main priorities. You’ve only got so much energy. Conserve it for the goals that matter most. Choose happiness over perfection. Valorie Burton is a bestselling author, and certified executive and personal coach
dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life.
She is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute.
Valorie is the author of over ten books including Successful Women Think
Differently, Start Here Start Now, and Happy Women Live Better: 13 Ways to
E valorieburton |



GOAL: Optimize health, fitness and wellbeing


EXPERT: Dr. Karen Koffler, Medical, Director of Health & Wellness

                   Carillon Miami Beach


KAREN’S ADVICE: The hustle and bustle of everything leading up to the New Year can be quite disorienting. What we need to do is find our focal point, our center and

purpose in embracing this New Year – a fresh start. Each year we set goals – often unattainable – that end up being left in the first weeks of January. Instead focus on

the little things – direct your attention to gratitude. Being grateful for good health, loved ones, and taking a moment to breathe all of that in will help optimize your wellbeing instantly.


Getting active is a very popular resolution for New Year’s. But instead of trying to do something drastic, make sure the decisions you make to get fitness into your regimen are realistic and attainable, and take it step by step. Understand what will work best for not only your schedule but also for your body. Get outside – even if it’s cold out.

Choose a winter getaway on the mountains or on the beach so that there are plenty of outdoor activities to participate in – all while having fun and creating lasting memories in the process. This will not only optimize fitness, but will cause a domino effect on your health!


Finally, don’t just set goals, set appointments with your doctors and health practitioners. Let experts help guide you toward your optimal health and well-being.







GOAL: Give back to the community; get involved in a meaningful way.


EXPERT: Linda Jacobs Davis, CEO, Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit

Leadership (CVNL)


LINDA’S ADVICE: While the holiday season is marked by a spirit of giving, charitable contributions and volunteer service does not need to be seasonal. The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on our values, connections and action plans for the coming year.


Identifying the things you are most passionate about is a great place to start. What issue or cause is most meaningful to you? Or, if you are lacking a passion for a particular cause, what issue would you like to learn more about or lend your skills to? If you feel strongly about animals, for instance, connect with your local shelter or find out if there is an organization in your community who advocates for animals. Perhaps you benefited from the skills of a tutor when you were a student and want to explore giving back in a similar way. Start by looking inward and let what you find most compelling lead you to action.


Volunteering is the most hands-on way to connect with a cause that is meaningful to you. Volunteers bring meals to the homebound, help with habitat restoration, serve on nonprofit boards, share the gifts of art and music with those who are isolated, and travel to areas of natural disasters to provide relief. The experience can be life-changing for all involved and serve important individual and community needs. It is not uncommon for the volunteer to feel like they are getting more out of the experience than the organization or person being served.


Making a financial contribution is another way to give back and live out what you most value. There are nonprofit organizations doing all sorts of important work locally and globally. Your financial partnership with such organizations is a valuable investment toward the common good. Most communities have a volunteer hub and/or nonprofit resource center that can help with making connections and finding opportunities.


Take time to identify concrete ways you wish to contribute and connect with those who will help you fulfill.





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